My Priorities

Promote a Stronger and Robust Economy for Union City

Families are concerned in keeping their American Dream secured as residents of Union City. They are doing everything possible to do so by taking a second job, working extra hours, and cutting back on spending to meet the cost of living. Our local economy must have the support from our city government to stay healthy and robust during these Pandemic times. The city government must be the resource in overcoming food security, financial challenges, affordable housing, and safety nets when things get bad.

We need our city staff to be the “hub,” for answers to address the needs of our citizens and businesses. These services need qualified personnel that have the acumen to “think outside the box,” and work at the “cutting edge” level.

Safer Communities

There is no excuse not to have world-class safe neighborhoods. With more investment, we can work on creating safer neighborhoods.

To render world-class policing, the department needs to secure training programs that develop our police department to be fully ready to manage every type of emergencies and human concerns.

Enhance Youth Recreation Programs and Services

Safer communities offer better school climate. When kids feel safe attending our schools, they perform better in the classroom and on the playground. Students having a successful experience in the classroom will carry over to their neighborhoods. Providing after school programs and access to environments that promotes learning, including the city’s library system will augment the student’s success toward being a responsible and productive adult.

My priority is to make our city responsive to the needs of our children. Providing our children opportunities to gain experience, physically and emotionally, will assure our dream for our children reach their American Dream.

Expanding Senior Services

Our Senior Citizen Community of Union City deserve the best care for their safety, housing, and active lifestyle.

 I will do everything possible to see to it that our governance does everything in giving our seniors the best living environment. I want to make sure our infrastructure does not cause barriers and endangerment as our elders travel to and from their daily destinations. Most important, from what I learned from my parents and family, is to RESPECT our elders. And I believe, we need to establish a community culture of being the caregivers for our aging community as they did so when they cared for us in our formative years. One of our larger group of seniors are the veterans. We need to recognize, honor, and demonstrate our deep appreciation for their valor and service.

Celebrating Our Diverse Community

Union City governance must reflect the rich diverse community that we live in. Our city personnel need to have representation from the different ethnic groups that live and work in our city. The physical infrastructure must reflect the diverse cultures that thrive in our neighborhoods, including the library system and public art. Our public events and activities need to incorporate the rich heritage and cultural attributes from the unique elements of each cultural group.

I want the mission of our governance to treat all residents and employees as our number one priority.